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Your Professional Ultrasound Technician in Lavallette, NJ and New York area

Wonderful Reveals provides dependable mobile in-home ultrasound services in Lavallette, NJ, and the surrounding area. Our team understands that your first glimpse of your new baby is a precious moment, so we can help celebrate it through our various ultrasound imaging services, specializing in 3D/4D in-home ultrasounds.

With the use of an advanced ultrasound machine, our ultrasound services offer the most precise possible view of your baby's features in the comfort of your home. From 2D ultrasounds to 3D/4D ultrasounds, we will ensure that you get the best service and unforgettable experience of seeing your child for the first time.

As we specialize in mobile 5D ultrasounds, Wonderful Reveals has the technology that produces more detailed images, giving you a better intimate look at your child. Moreover, aside from 3D ultrasounds and mobile in-home 4D ultrasounds, we can also assist in your gender reveal party planning and execution, and we even host baby showers and offer maternity photography services!

As a registered ultrasound technician with 20 years of high-risk experience, you can trust the quality of our services. Wonderful Reveals goes to the clients location and hooks up a wire to the clients' TV so they can see the baby nice and big. We take our time to ensure that we give personal, intimate service to our clients by showing their baby from hands to feet, allowing them to watch and bond with their baby as long as they like to with no time limit. Furthermore, we offer gift certificates as well!

At Wonderful Reveals, the treasured experience of seeing your baby's face and hearing their heartbeat for the first time is something that cannot be replicated. So for more information about our ultrasound services, go ahead and contact us at Wonderful Reveals today!

Baby List

I am the owner of Wonderful Reveals it is a 3-D/4D mobile ultrasound company that started when Covid began, and the daddies couldn't come in to see their babies in the doctor's office. Since then, my business has taken off, and I have set up several companies across the country. I am now out of the age of having children, but when I was pregnant, you would have to go register at the nearest store for baby products, and now there is an online platform called "Baby List," which many of my new moms use. Since I'm around many young mommies with their first babies, I have told them about Baby List and how I wish I had this when I had my babies and them. It's super convenient, and you can still shop for the best prices. Baby List has received many five-star ratings with more than 57,000 reviews. It is straightforward and convenient to sign up with Baby List to share the registry and track gifts. You can add products from any store with multiple store purchasing options. Very easy and convenient to sign up with Baby List to share registry and track gifts. Baby List lets you put things together for a baby shower or for your friends and family, and it ships to the address linked to the account. I ask all my new clients to add me to their registries and the business I have already set up. I also ask future companies that will have me as a consultant for their 3D businesses across the county to add me to their registry. I feel very accomplished as a woman for what I have done these past couple of years. I never thought my business would grow into this, and how many mommies and daddies I have been able to bring joy and happiness by seeing and bonding with their babies.


Live Video of 3D Ultrasound

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