Julia Catherine Mary
Can't believe Aubriella Rose will be a month old next week. She is definitely changing! Thanks Wonderfulreveals Bella for the amazing 3D, 4D and 5D sonograms of Aubriella she definitely looked exactly like the sonogram when she was first born
Jennifer Aquilino
We had an IN HOME sonogram session today to see our son and for the girls to enjoy their brother ... it was so great we had so much fun! @wonderful_reveals Thank you sooooo much!!!
Jamyless Lugo Rodriguez
If you're expecting and want to share the Great experience of 3D/4D/5D ultrasound with your spouse, family and friends ... Look no further, Wonderfulreveals Bella is THE ONE!!!! She came over, in the comfort of my own home, so comforting my own home, so comforting, understanding (of 3 hyper kids and excited dad) and gentle! Unlike the Dr office, they do it so fast, very tense and definitely not gentle. I swear you won't regret it. Thank you AGAIN for giving us this amazing experience
Victoria LaDuca
We had a wonderful experience today with Donna! She was prompt, very professional, and also warm. I’ve had high resolution ultrasounds in the past at ultrasound places, but it was so special to be able to share this experience with my family in the comfort of my home. It was truly unique! She really took her time, making sure to point out to us the baby’s features and provide us with a ton of amazing photos. My daughters were very interested in the sonogram, and she was so patient with them. I highly recommend Donna and Wonderful Reveals for a very special experience.
Madeline Campoverde
Our family recently experienced something wonderful in the comfort of our own home. We set up an appointment with wonderful reveals, owner Donna to come in and do a vanity ultrasound. It was a joyful experience being able share this with our first born so he can see his little brother on the big screen. Donna was very patient and a true professional making sure I was comfortable the whole time. We were able to see our new baby boy on the screen. Capturing some wonderful pictures and video along with the heartbeat sounds. She also provided a mini photo shoot where she uses some beautiful props and her canon photo printer where we chose a few pictures to print. I am very happy that Donna was recommended to us, and I will definitely recommend her and her services to other expecting parents in the future.
Maria Barquero
Today we had a truly amazing experience with Wonderful Reveals for our at-home ultrasound!! It was so much fun being able to see our little boy on our tv in 3D/4D/5D and even in LIVE action!! Donna took her time getting the best shots and explained everything we were seeing in detail. She never rushed through it and let us take our time choosing which pics to print. I wish I had known about Wonderful Reveals for my other pregnancies b/c I never would’ve used anybody else’s services!! At-home ultrasounds are the way to go and Donna is the absolute BEST.
Paige Farina
Donna made this experience absolutely wonderful! She spent so much time making sure we got to soak it all in and really see our little one. She personalizes it and makes sure once it’s over, you receive everything you wanted. An absolute no brainer to make your pregnancy even more special!
Amanda Casale
I just had my scan over the weekend and I couldn’t be happier! I loved having a private moment with my husband and family in the comfort of my house to see my baby boy in 3D 4D and 5D! Donna was so sweet and easy to book an appointment with, I can’t wait to do this all again with my other future pregnancies!
Nicole Pawliszyn
My boyfriend and I are very pleased with this experience. Because of the pandemic he is not able to come to any ultrasounds so this was a must but it was way better!! Donna was so friendly and it was such a pleasure to meet her! She is very kind and makes the whole experience so comfortable while taking her time and not rushing it. We 1000% recommend this to any families that are expecting as this very much worth the money! Thank you so much again!!!
Amanda Lombardi
Such an amazing experience! Donna was patient and friendly. We are so happy we have these pictures of our little one. Much better than any sonogram picture you’ll ever get at a doctors appointment! Would recommended to anyone ❤️
Brit LaMacchia
I had the most amazing experience with Donna ! She was so knowledgeable & friendly. She made my husband and I feel very comfortable. She explained everything along the way of the scan. She was even so excited with us as we got to see our baby moving around . I’d definitely call her again. It was so worth it and being in your own home for it made it so much better. Thank you again Donna!